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Isaac Westbrook

Isaac Westbrook, the visionary behind Ohmega Electrical Services, proudly hails from the heart of Arkansas. No matter where life’s journey led him, this state has remained an unwavering cornerstone, a place he fondly calls home. His deep-seated passion and admiration extend not only to Arkansas but also to the cherished Razorbacks. “Woo Pig Sooie!” 

With an extensive career spanning over 24 years in the electrical industry, Isaac’s expertise encompasses various sectors from the residential domain, where he has meticulously wired both new homes and remodels, to the commercial arena, ranging from quaint retail spaces to sprawling hospitals, daycare facilities, movie theaters, and bustling shopping malls. His prowess extends even to the industrial realm, navigating in-plant work and traversing Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and West Texas oil fields.

Following years of venturing afar to steer the operations of various enterprises, Isaac, accompanied by his devoted wife and family, embraced Northwest Arkansas as their haven in 2018. Their affinity for the region initially blossomed in 2006 while electrifying the Pinnacle Promenade Mall in Rogers.

After heartfelt discussions and prayerful contemplation, Isaac and his wife decided to embark on a journey that resonated with their dreams of establishing a company dedicated to serving the people and communities of Northwest Arkansas.

The name “Ohmega” aptly reflects Isaac’s fusion of electrical prowess (Ohms) with his profound faith in God (Omega). Every accomplishment and every endeavor is attributed to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Underpinning Ohmega Electrical Services is an unswerving commitment to shine a light that glorifies a higher purpose.

Central to the fabric of Ohmega Electrical Services is the Westbrook family. When you reach out to us to schedule an appointment, you’ll have the pleasure of interacting with Isaac’s radiant partner of 24 years, Gena.

As a family-driven venture, Isaac and Gena are eager to join forces and address all your electrical needs, ushering in a brighter and electrifying tomorrow.

Ohmega Electrical Services